What Year of Marriage is Divorce Most Common?

What Year of Marriage is Divorce Most Common?

Whether you are newly married or are celebrating your Ruby Anniversary, individuals can change how they feel about one another. Regrettably, whether it be a drawn-out process of falling out of love or a abrupt change of heart because of an unexpected event, it could cause a marriage that was certain to stand the test of time to fall apart instantly.

  • Recent research has shown that in the US, somewhere around fifty percent of 1st marriages fail, around sixty percent of 2nd marriages, and a massive seventy-three percent of 3rd marriages!

Whereas marriages (and relationships, overall) are uncertain, and an experience that a friend or member of your family went through may vary greatly from yours. Demographics can still point to specific periods that can be particularly difficult years of marriage, with a higher prevalence of divorce.

Let’s look into what year of marriage divorces are most common, the average years of marriage, and point out the reasons why marriages break down, in addition to a few interesting divorce stats.

What Year of Marriage is Divorce More Typical?

Over the years, a lot of scientific studies have been carried out encompassing what year of marriage is divorce most common and marriage periods, in general.

While they seldom provide the same outcomes, it is generally revealed that there are 2 periods of time throughout marriages where divorces happen more frequently- throughout the 1st 2 years of marriage and throughout the 5th through 8th years of marriage.

Even during these 2 high-risk periods, it is assumed that the most precarious years in average marriages are years 7 (7-year itch) and 8.

Whereas data can clarify what year of marriages are divorces more common, along with the riskiest years of a marriage, it does little to clarify why this is the average length of a marriage prior to divorcing.

What Years of Marriage is Divorce the Least Frequent?

It is intriguing to note that a married couple whose relationship survives the 7-year itch are inclined to enjoy a period of around 7 years with a below rate of divorce.

While the data clearly indicates what year of marriage a divorce is most common, it is also thought of that the period, spanning from year 9 to year 15 of marriages, provides a lower frequency for divorce for multiple reasons.

It comprises of improved happiness within the relationship, as they become increasingly comfortable with their jobs, the house, and their children.

Not a coincidence, the divorce rate begins to decline each year, starting with the 10th anniversary. It’s possible that the more reasonable expectations of a relationship that can only be reached over time and experience help in these lower divorce rates.

Around fifteen years of marriage, divorce rate levels stop diminishing and begin to level out, and stay that way long-term, implying that this observed period of “2nd honeymoon” (marriage years 10 to 15) does not last forever.


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