A. On initial contact with a parent, guardian or custodian under investigation pursuant to this article, a child safety worker shall inform the family, both verbally and in writing, making reasonable efforts to receive written acknowledgement from the parent, guardian, or custodian, of receipt of all of the following information:

1. That the family is under investigation by the department.

2. The specific complaint or allegation made against that person.

3. That the worker has no legal authority to compel the family to cooperate with the investigation or to receive child safety services offered pursuant to the investigation.

4. The worker’s authority to petition the juvenile court for a determination that a child is dependent.

5. The person’s right to file a complaint with the ombudsman-citizens aide pursuant to section 41-1376. The worker shall provide the telephone number of the ombudsman-citizens aide.

6. The person’s right to appeal determinations made by the department.

7. Information outlining parental rights under the laws of the state.

B. The child safety worker shall also inform the person about whom the report was made about that person’s right to respond to the allegations either verbally or in writing, including any documentation, and to have this information considered in determining if the child is in need of child safety services. The worker shall tell the person that anything the person says or writes can be used in a court proceeding. If the person makes a verbal response, the worker shall include the response in the written report of the investigation. If the person makes a written response, including any documentation, the worker shall include this response and the documentation in the case file. Information provided in response to the allegations shall be considered during the investigation by the worker. The worker shall maintain the response and documentation in the case file and provide this information to the court before a hearing or trial relating to the dependency petition.

C. If the family declines to cooperate with the investigation or to accept or to participate in the offered services, or if the worker otherwise believes that the child should be adjudicated dependent, the worker may file with the juvenile court a petition requesting that the child in need of child safety services be adjudicated dependent.

D. Refusal to cooperate in the investigation or to participate in the offered services does not constitute grounds for temporary custody of a child except if there is a clear necessity for temporary custody as provided in section 8-821.