A. A licensed child welfare agency shall maintain supervision of all children placed by it in foster homes and such foster homes.

B. The agency’s representative shall contact the foster homes and written reports of the representative’s findings shall be maintained by such agency, subject to the review of the division.

C. Receiving foster homes shall be visited at least once per month.

D. Regular and special foster homes shall be visited at least once every three months.

E. A complete review of the placement and progress concerning a child in a foster home shall be made by the division or the agency, if the juvenile court has awarded custody of the child to the agency, at least every six months. The division or agency shall prepare a progress report resulting from the review, and a copy of such report shall be sent to the juvenile court. The progress report shall include:

1. An assessment of the extent to which the division or agency is accomplishing the purpose of foster care for the child as described in the case plan.

2. An assessment of the appropriateness of the case plan.

3. The length of time the child has been in foster care.

4. The number of foster home placements the child has experienced while in foster care and the length of each placement.