A. The department shall license and certify foster homes. Licenses are valid for a period of two years.

B. The department shall not issue a license without satisfactory proof that the foster parent or parents have completed six actual hours of approved initial foster parent training as set forth in section 8-503 and that each foster parent and each other adult member of the household has a valid fingerprint clearance card issued pursuant to section 41-1758.07. The foster parent and each other adult member of the household must certify on forms that are provided by the department and that are notarized whether the foster parent or other adult member of the household is awaiting trial on or has ever been convicted of any of the criminal offenses listed in section 41-1758.07, subsections B and C in this state or similar offenses in another state or jurisdiction.

C. The department shall not renew a license without satisfactory proof that the foster parent or parents have completed twelve actual hours of approved ongoing foster parent training during the two-year period of licensure as set forth in section 8-503.

D. If the department determines that completing the training required in subsections B and C of this section would be a hardship to the foster parent or parents, the department may issue a provisional license for a period not to exceed six months. A provisional license may not be renewed.

E. Child welfare agencies that submit foster homes for licensing shall conduct an investigation of the foster home pursuant to licensing rules of the department. The department shall conduct investigations of all other foster homes. If the foster home meets all requirements set by the department, the agency shall submit an application stating the foster home’s qualifications to the department. The agency may also recommend the types of licensing and certification to be granted to the foster home.

F. The department shall accept an adoptive home certification study as a licensing home study if the study has been updated within the past three months to include the information necessary to determine whether the home meets foster care licensing standards.

G. This section does not apply if the child is placed in a home by a means other than by court order and if the home does not receive compensation from this state or any political subdivision of this state.

H. The department may not prohibit a person operating a licensed foster home from applying for or receiving compensation as a foster home parent due to employment with this state.

I. The department shall not require a foster parent to immunize the foster parent’s natural or adoptive children as a condition of foster home licensure.

J. A licensee may modify the renewal date of a license issued pursuant to this section by submitting an application for modification of renewal date with the department on a form prescribed by the department. The licensee must specify the new month of renewal on the application. The modified renewal date must be before, but not more than six months earlier than, the existing renewal date.

K. The foster care review board shall review the cases of children placed by the department in foster homes licensed pursuant to this section as required by section 8-515.03.