A. The director shall establish an inspections bureau to do both of the following:

1. Ensure that department policies and procedures are being followed by all staff in accordance with federal and state law.

2. Promptly notify the director of department actions that constitute a significant violation of policy or state or federal law.

B. The inspections bureau shall monitor specific programs and services and shall continuously improve the practices of the department. Monitoring and evaluation:

1. May be by formal audits, various levels of inspections, program evaluation and any other quality assurance activity deemed appropriate by the director.

2. Must include suggestions for policy changes and evaluation of best practices and programming.

C. The department shall establish a quality assurance process and methodology by which data-based decisions are made. This process must include consistently measuring process outcomes and examining current practices through quality assurance activities. The department shall use this quality assurance data to establish appropriate programs and improve practices within the department.

D. If possible, the inspections bureau shall attempt to correct the problems at the immediate level by coaching, mentoring and teaching employees who are present during the inspection.

E. The inspections bureau shall have access to all records and information of the department necessary to carry out this section.