A. A neighborhood association may register with the city, town or county in which the neighborhood association is located to invoke the rights that are afforded pursuant to this article. The city, town or county shall establish procedures for the registration of neighborhood associations pursuant to this section. The procedures shall require the neighborhood association to provide to the city, town or county the name and telephone number of one person who shall act on behalf of the neighborhood association and who may receive notice or invoke rights pursuant to this section. The neighborhood association shall notify the city, town or county of any changes to this information. If the neighborhood association fails to keep this information current, the neighborhood association is deemed to have waived its rights under this section.

B. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, if a juvenile commits an act that if committed by an adult would be a crime under section 13-1602, subsection A, paragraph 5, section 13-3102, subsection A, paragraph 9, section 13-3201 or 13-3204, section 13-3208, subsection B or section 13-3209, 13-3405, 13-3407, 13-3408, 13-3421 or 13-4702, a neighborhood association that is registered with a city, town or county pursuant to subsection A of this section may receive notice or may invoke rights pursuant to the following sections:

1. Section 8-390.

2. Section 8-400.

3. Section 8-405.

C. Sections 8-407, 8-413 and 8-415 apply to all matters in which a neighborhood association invokes rights under this section.

D. If the neighborhood association wishes to invoke victims’ rights for a crime as prescribed in subsection B of this section that resulted in an arrest, the person who is registered with the city, town or county pursuant to subsection A of this section shall contact the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest. The law enforcement agency shall fill out the form prescribed by section 8-386. Thereafter the neighborhood association, through the contact person, shall be afforded all of the rights listed under subsection B of this section.