A. The chief juvenile probation officer or the director of court services in each county, with approval of the presiding juvenile court judge of the superior court, shall appoint juvenile probation teams consisting of two juvenile probation officers or one juvenile probation officer and one surveillance officer or one juvenile probation officer and two surveillance officers.

B. A two person intensive probation team shall supervise no more than twenty-five juveniles at one time. A three person team shall supervise no more than forty juveniles at one time.

C. The juvenile intensive probation team shall do all of the following:

1. Secure and keep a complete identification record of each juvenile supervised by the team and a written statement of the conditions of the probation.

2. Exercise close supervision and observation over juveniles who are ordered to participate in the intensive probation program including both of the following:

(a) Visual contact with each probationer at least four times per week.

(b) Weekly contact with the school, employer, community restitution agency or treatment program of the probationer.

3. Obtain and maintain information concerning the conduct of the juvenile participating in the intensive probation program.

4. Request the county attorney to bring a noncompliant probationer before the court.

5. Monitor the payment of restitution and probation fees and request the county attorney to bring before the court any probationer who fails to pay restitution or probation fees.

6. Perform any other responsibilities required by the terms and conditions imposed by the court.