A. An appeal from an order entered by the juvenile hearing officer is perfected by filing a notice of appeal.

B. Immediately after an order of disposition the juvenile hearing officer shall advise the juvenile that a right to appeal exists, the applicable time limit and the location and manner of filing the notice of appeal.

C. A juvenile shall file the written notice of appeal with the court issuing the order within ten days after the date on which the juvenile hearing officer delivered or mailed to the juvenile a copy of the court’s disposition of the case and the notice of the right to appeal.

D. An appeal shall be on the record if a record has been made. The juvenile court may review the condition of the record. If the juvenile court determines that the record is insufficient or not in proper condition to enable the court to determine the issues on appeal, a trial de novo shall be granted.

E. The appeal of an order of a juvenile hearing officer to the juvenile court shall be processed pursuant to the rules of procedure in civil traffic violation cases.