A. After the court determines that reasonable grounds exist to support the plea of insanity, the court or any party, with the consent of the juvenile, may request that the mental health expert provide a screening report. The screening report shall include both:

1. The mental status of the juvenile at the time of the offense.

2. If the mental health expert determines that the juvenile suffered from a mental disease, defect or disability at the time of the offense, the relationship of the disease, defect or disability to the alleged offense.

B. If the juvenile’s state of mind at the time of the offense will be included in the examination, counsel for the juvenile shall provide the available juvenile court, medical and educational records to the court. The court shall not appoint the expert to address the issue until the court receives the records.

C. Within ten working days after the mental health expert is appointed, the parties shall provide any of the juvenile’s additional medical or criminal history records that are requested by the court or the mental health expert.