A. The presiding judge of the juvenile court in a county may appoint juvenile court commissioners to serve at the pleasure of the presiding judge, provided that the funds necessary to fill these positions have been approved by the respective county board of supervisors. A juvenile court commissioner has the powers and duties as are prescribed by rule of the supreme court.

B. A juvenile court commissioner shall not make ex parte orders which would deprive a person of custody of his child or deprive a person of his liberty, except in default hearings or for necessary temporary matters preceding a hearing.

C. A juvenile court commissioner is entitled to receive an annual salary set by the presiding juvenile court judge at an amount not to exceed the maximum amount provided in section 12-213. The salary of a juvenile court commissioner is a county charge.

D. To be eligible for appointment as a juvenile court commissioner a person must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be a member of the state bar of Arizona.

2. For at least four years have either engaged in the general practice of law, or have served as a full-time juvenile court referee or hearing officer for at least four years or have a combination of both such practice and service.