A. A child who resides in this state and who is the subject of an adoption assistance agreement with a state that has entered into a compact with this state is entitled to receive medical assistance from this state if the adoption assistance agreement provides categorical eligibility for federally funded medical assistance. This entitlement begins on the filing with the department of a certified copy of the adoption assistance agreement obtained from the adoption assistance state. In accordance with department rules, the adoptive parents shall show at least annually that the agreement with the other adoption assistance state is still in force or has been renewed.

B. The department and the Arizona health care cost containment system administration shall consider the holder of an adoption assistance agreement, as provided in subsection A of this section, as any other eligible medical assistance person under the laws of this state and shall make medical assistance payments pursuant to the same conditions and procedures for other recipients of medical assistance.

C. A person who knowingly submits a claim for payment or reimbursement for services or benefits pursuant to this section or who makes a statement in connection with a claim that is false, misleading or fraudulent is guilty of a class 6 felony.