A. The department shall establish and administer an ongoing program of subsidized adoption. Adoption subsidies shall be provided from monies appropriated to the department or made available to it from other sources.

B. The department shall not pay claims for a special services subsidy that are submitted more than nine months after the date of the service for which payment is claimed except as authorized by rules of the department.

C. The department shall not consider an applicant for a state adoption subsidy until the applicant has applied for all existing federal eligibility categories under the title IV-E program.

D. The total amount that may be expended in any fiscal year by the department for the adoption subsidy program shall not exceed the amount appropriated in the general appropriations act for the program and any monies granted by the federal government, together with additional amounts appropriated for the program by any special legislative appropriation. Transfers of monies between and among classes and programs shall continue to be permitted in accordance with the provisions of section 35-173.