The division shall:

1. License agencies on an annual basis subject to renewal. Before issuing a license, the division shall investigate the activities of the agency, its financial stability, the character and training of its personnel and the adequacy of the agency’s intended services to ensure the welfare of parents and children using the services of the agency. If the agency meets the standards established by the division, a license shall be issued.

2. Provide for oversight of agencies.

3. Assist the staffs of all agencies by giving advice on methods and procedures.

4. Establish rules for:

(a) Licensing agencies, including professional licensing, and suspending, revoking and denying licenses.

(b) Annual renewal of agency licenses.

(c) The form and content of investigations, reports and studies concerning adoption placements.

(d) Reasonable fees chargeable by the division to agencies for licensure and renewal of licenses.

(e) Reasonable and authorized fees chargeable to any person for services in connection with an adoption and payments, disbursements or commitments of anything of value made or agreed to be made to or for the benefit of a birth parent by any person in connection with an adoption.

(f) Conducting reviews and making reports pursuant to section 8-114, subsection E.