A. If, after the hearing and consideration of all the evidence, the court is satisfied that the requirements of this article have been met and that the adoption is in the best interests of the child, the court shall order the adoption. The order may change the name of the child to the name requested by the adoptive parent or parents in the petition to adopt. If the child being adopted is twelve years of age or older, the court shall consider the wishes of the child with respect to the name change. The written order of the court shall include the findings of fact on which it based its order, including the court’s jurisdiction and the date and place of birth of the child being adopted based on the best available evidence.

B. If the exact place of birth is unknown, the order shall include the information that is known and designate a place of birth according to the best information known as to the country of origin.

C. If the exact date of birth is unknown, the order shall establish a date of birth based on the medical evidence as to the probable age of the child and other evidence the court considers appropriate.

D. The order is conclusive and binding on all persons from the date of its entry subject to appeal as provided in section 8-235.

E. The court shall provide the adoptive parent or parents with written notice of the sibling information exchange program established pursuant to section 8-543.