A. The potential adoptive parent or parents, an agency or the division may file a petition to adopt. The petition shall specify:

1. The full name, age and place of residence of the prospective adoptive parent and, if married, the date and place of marriage and the relationship if any to the child.

2. That a certificate of acceptability to adopt has been issued in favor of the prospective adoptive parent and the date of its issuance or the reason preadoption certification is not required.

3. The date when the prospective adoptive parent acquired custody of the child and from what person or agency, or, if not in custody, the present custodial circumstances.

4. The date and place of birth of the child.

5. The name of the child or the fictitious name to be used in the proceedings and, if a change of name is desired, the name.

6. That it is the desire of the prospective adoptive parent to adopt the child.

7. A full description and statement of the value of all property owned or possessed by the child.

8. If the child being adopted is a ward of the court, that written consent to adopt has been given by the division or the agency that has been given custody of the ward or any reason that consent need not be given. Pursuant to section 8-106, subsection A, paragraph 7, the court may waive this requirement as it relates to the division.

9. Full disclosure of any fees or anything of value given or paid to any person or organization in connection with the adoption of the child.

B. Any written consent required by this article may be attached to the petition or may be filed after the filing of the petition at or before the hearing.