A husband and wife may enter into a covenant marriage by submitting to the clerk of the superior court or any other official designated by the clerk pursuant to section 25-126 or 25-127 the declaration prescribed in section 25-901, subsection B, paragraphs 1 and 3 and a sworn statement of their names and the date and place their marriage was contracted and by paying the fee prescribed in section 12-284, subsection A. The clerk shall file all documentation required by this section and shall issue to the husband and wife a certificate that documents the conversion. A husband and wife who apply for a covenant marriage conversion under this section are not required to receive premarital counseling required by section 25-901 and are not required to have the converted covenant marriage separately solemnized. Conversion to a covenant marriage does not make valid a marriage that is prohibited pursuant to this title or that is not validly contracted in this state.