Can a judge interview your kids in Arizona?  If you are in a custody case, the answer is yes.  A judge can interview your children or appoint someone else to do this job.

The relevant statute says:

A. The court may interview the child in chambers to ascertain the child’s wishes as to the child’s custodian and as to parenting time.

B. The court may seek the advice of professional personnel, whether or not employed by the court on a regular basis. The advice given shall be in writing and shall be made available by the court to counsel, on request, under such terms as the court determines. Counsel may examine as a witness any professional personnel consulted by the court, unless that right is waived.

Are you facing a child custody or equal parenting time issue in Arizona?  The Arizona best interest factors affect how a court will decide your case.  A new case in Arizona says that equal parenting time is the “starting point” for a court’s decision.  Read about that decision here.