Dissolution of a marriage or divorce in Arizona can be very complicated.  If you are going through a divorce or considering a divorce in Arizona, there are a lot of things to think about.

  1. What is separate property?
  2. What is community property?
  3. Do you have children?  How will custody be resolved?
  4. Do you want to use the Arizona court system and risk being stuck in court for a long time? Or, would you rather try to control the pace and process of your case by hiring a lawyer but settling your case in a mediation setting, with your lawyer, using collaborative law?

The statute governing dissolution in Arizona says:

The court shall enter a decree of dissolution of marriage if it finds each of the following:

1. That one of the parties, at the time the action was commenced, was domiciled in this state, or was stationed in this state while a member of the armed services, and that in either case the domicile or military presence has been maintained for ninety days prior to filing the petition for dissolution of marriage.

2. The conciliation provisions of section 25-381.09 and the provisions of article 5 of this chapter either do not apply or have been met.

3. The marriage is irretrievably broken or, if the marriage is a covenant marriage, any of the grounds prescribed in section 25-903.

4. To the extent it has jurisdiction to do so, the court has considered, approved and made provision for child custody, the support of any natural or adopted child common to the parties of the marriage entitled to support, the maintenance of either spouse and the disposition of property.