To the extent there is no material conflict of interest between the representative and the person represented or among those being represented with respect to a particular question or dispute:

1. A conservator may represent and bind the estate that the conservator controls.

2. A guardian may represent and bind the ward if a conservator of the ward’s estate has not been appointed.

3. An agent who has authority to act with respect to the particular question or dispute may represent and bind the principal.

4. A trustee may represent and bind the beneficiaries of the trust.

5. A personal representative of a decedent’s estate may represent and bind persons interested in the estate.

6. A parent may represent and bind the parent’s minor or unborn child if a conservator or guardian for the child has not been appointed, except that the parent may not represent the child to consent to a modification or a termination of a trust if the parent is the settlor of the trust.

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