The FREE Arizona Divorce E-Book

The FREE Arizona Divorce E-Book

If you are navigating the confusing land mine that is Arizona Family Law, this book is for you!
There are many things you need to know before diving into a divorce within Arizona. Our goal is to provide you as much detailed information alongside data from real cases in order to prepare you for what’s ahead. Even if your case has already began there is a major benefit from knowing what the remaining road looks like.

Over the past five years, Maricopa County has consistently seen the highest rate of divorce filings (when compared to any other county in Arizona). Despite national statistics showing a decrease in overall divorces, Arizona experiences more than 23,000 divorces annually.

How will this book help?

By walking you through the entire process of an Arizona Civil Divorce case you will be able to better prepare yourself mentally and through proper documentation. You will also understand the various options you have as an individual in regards to methods of divorce, alternatives to divorce as well as financial expectations. If you are in the middle of a divorce case or similar family crisis you may also find value in knowing what you can do to save time and money until your case is final.

You may already be in a situation where you are now considering a change in your family structure for reasons that your family will not immediately view as positive. Perhaps a third party is involved, or the marriage that formed your family is in crisis.

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