Custodial Parent Responsibilities

Custodial Parent Responsibilities

A custodial parent is the primary parent that shares a residence with the child. Generally, a court of law has awarded primary legal and/or physical custody to one of the parents. Meaning the parents come to an unofficial agreement, or there is just one parent involved in the child’s livelihood. Being a custodial parent, like any other attribute of being a mother or father, takes on a ton of responsibilities.

Even when you are amicable with your ex it’s wise to know the law prior to you needing it. Custodial parents need to think about the following legal suggestions to realize the responsibilities of having sole legal and/or physical custody of a child.

Adhere to a Visitation Schedule

Custodial parents need to devise a parenting plan along with the non-custodial parent to guarantee there is an established visitation arrangement. In addition, a court might enforce a suitable visitation schedule devoid of a parenting plan. When there is a requirement for a modification to the visitation schedule, the custodial parent needs to provide the non-custodial parent with as much advance notice as they can.

Record Child Support Payments

When you need to make child support payments be sure you retain a record of the payments. When you need to petition back child support payments in court, evidence of payments received could be a court requirement.

Consult the Non-Custodial Parent on Meaningful Matters

When you have shared custody of your child, your ex needs to be consulted on all meaningful matters impacting your child. Bringing up your child is still a team effort and your ex needs to have involvement. Having honest discussions about how you both want to deal with the various circumstances that come up in raising children may assist you in creating a parenting plan. The plan will allow you to both know you’re in agreement even if you are not in the same place.

The Child’s Best Interests

The child’s best interests is the legal standard in which all family court decisions are determined. It is in reference to doing what’s best to guarantee the child is raised healthy and content. Best interests of the child refers to parents putting the needs of their child above everything else, something great parents presently do.

The child’s requirement to live in as consistent of a home situation as possible is paramount to the triumph of joint custody arrangements.

Give Notice to the Co-Parent Prior to Leaving the State With the Child

When you determine you want to move with your child, you need to talk it over with the non-custodial parent prior to moving. imagine how you would feel if your ex took your child and moved away without letting you know? Most likely, a little angry. I addition, a non-custodial parent could initiate a modification in child custody because of the custodial parents’ move.

A court is going to think about many factors before to agreeing to a move. At the same time when a custodial parent wants to take the child on vacation, the court may specify in the court order that the non-custodial parent still needs to be notified.

Speak with the Non-Custodial Parent Prior to Incurring Significant Expenses

When your ex has the requirement to cover half of the considerable medical expenses or child care expenses, you should speak with them prior to you incurring a significant expense. It’s in best interest of your child’s that each of their parents are stable financially.

Making sure that your ex is able cover significant expenses first is the responsible thing you can do. This does not mean you aren’t able to make big purchases it might mean something as straightforward as putting off the purchase until payday.


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